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Healthy soups at Four Seasons hotpot

Hot pots are the best during rainy season, when you can practically drag the whole family and friends to huddle in one table together, stirring your fave hotpot ingredients in hot swirling pork/chicken broth while chatting on day-to-day experiences. Definitely the best get-together experience for any occasion. Four Seasons Hotpot restaurant at the bay strip… Continue reading Healthy soups at Four Seasons hotpot

itchy feet cravings

Dining @ Solaire’s Fresh

Seems to me that I’m getting the privilege to eat these days. I mean, really eat whatever I want, and that is, after I made a resolution to at least be a ‘healthy’ eater. But if somebody invites you to dine at one of the best buffet restaurants in town, would you say no? I… Continue reading Dining @ Solaire’s Fresh

gustatory exploits · itchy feet cravings

Caffe Bene: for a change…

When I was in Seoul, there were lots of Caffe Bene restaurants around. But it was in Eastwood, Libis where I had my Caffe Bene experience. I went here with two other blogger friends (Jen and Gelo) last year even though I was skeptical at first because I haven’t been to Eastwood! Anyway, when I… Continue reading Caffe Bene: for a change…